We are sure you have heard about the “Scandinavian welfare” and countless articles about the work-life balance in Denmark, but have you ever wondered why Denmark is such a great work environment for doctors? Well, here is why:

Denmark takes healthcare rather seriously – nothing shows this better than their Danish Healthcare Quality Programme (IKAS) which provides an accreditation system for healthcare providers by introducing a set of indicators and standards.

Even though it was a tough call, we collected the 3 most inspiring aspects of working in Denmark as a Radiologist.


If you start working in a Danish hospital, you can take part in various research projects as well as in the training of residents.

Danish hospitals provide a well-acclaimed research environment for their specialists, chief consultants, and Ph.D. students as well, providing manifold opportunities for carrying out different kinds of research for the sake of scientific progress.

Most of the University Hospitals favour holistic approach; research is conducted in collaboration with business and organisational partners in our local communities, and new insights and positions of strength are reached through the goal-oriented development of our research potentials.

Hospitals provide a number of supporting methods for these kinds of activities: they even have an action plan to determine the most effective steps that need to be taken to achieve a higher level of research possibilities.

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For sure, Scandinavia, and especially Denmark is at the forefront of technological advancements, which they incorporated into their healthcare system.

In the departments, investigations, and treatments within all areas of Diagnostic Radiology are carried out at a highly specialised region and main centre level. The departments are very well-equipped, with a major number of machines and advanced PACS and RIS.

PET/CT, new MR center and a Radiological unit located in the recently equipped FAM. It has 4 MR scanners and 5 CT scanners, including a fully equipped Somatom Force.

All X-ray facilities, including mammography, have DR systems. There are 5 advanced ultrasound devices and several ultrasound devices for mammography, intervention, and in FAM. The department has a well-functioning and user-friendly Sectra RIS/PACS.

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Working conditions

With a 37-hour workweek, the duties will vary between day, night, and evening shifts after an introductory period, while you are learning how the system functions and can take bigger responsibilities. You will even have 6 weeks of paid vacation.

Most of the foreign doctors who come to Denmark speak highly about the work conditions in the Danish hospitals. Because of the reduced stress level, well-equipped hospitals and good career opportunities, Denmark is considered to be a place where they can finally settle doawn.

Denmark prides itself on having a healthy work-life balance. The Danish welfare model, with its flexible working conditions and social support networks, including maternity leave and childcare facilities, not only puts Denmark at the top of the international equality league table, but also contributes to a generally high standard of living.

All in all, Denmark has one of the most developed infrastructures for Radiologists. You can, for sure, find what you are looking for there! With their employee-oriented attitude, and organized work routine, it is quite easy to integrate successfully.

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