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What can we offer you?


Medicolink will assist you in applying for a medical job in Scandinavia

What can we offer you?


Free intensive language course for doctors and their family members

What can we offer you?


Medicolink provides holistic support in the process of integration for you and your family
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We focus on quality

Medicolink is a medical recruitment agency that has been preparing candidates and their families for a new professional career and a new life in Scandinavia since 2007. The quality is assured by the accumulated knowledge and experience in the last 10 years. Our holistic services include recruitment, language training, and integration. The method involves employer and candidates before, during, and after the employment.

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Current Positions

Breast Radiology

Breats radiologist jobs - international radiology careers in Denmark



Psychiatrist career abroad in Denmark


Clinical Pathologist job opportunity for medical specialists

Emergency Medicine

Don’t take our word for it

We have successfully relocated several hundreds of health care professionals and their family
members to live in Scandinavia. Read their testimonials about our services.

“If you consider moving abroad, we can recommend Denmark. It is a very well organised, non-hierarchic, child-friendly country. And if you look at Denmark, consider Medicolink. We would choose them again, because of that fantastic team that helped with literally everything. Our move to Denmark via Medicolink was the best decision ever!”


“Going through an Agency makes relocation so much easier, Medicolink helped us so much. It’s great to have someone who can give you advice and take care of every detail when moving to a new country.”


“Everything was as they said, there was nothing hidden, and the agency helped so much on every step of the way. I highly recommend them.”

Andrej Srdoc

“Once the course is finished, Medicolink offered me the opportunity to start as clinic owner in collaboration with them, granting me great logistical and administrative support.
No doubt I highly recommend contacting Medicolink to those who want to start a career in the medical field in Denmark.”


“Extremely trustworthy company. I was in contact with other companies as well but what made Medicolink outstanding was that they contacted me regularly and gave me all the information I needed as soon as it was possible during the recruiting process. The language course was even more satisfying.”

Gabriella Himber

“This was a great but a very hard decision but Medicolink gave all the help which we needed and additionally a great and complete language course and practical knowlegde from the basics to a very usefel level. Here in Denmark they were amazed by our knowledge.”


“Employees at Medicolink are very kind, helpful and professional. They aim to help with every problem that might occur, and also keep track of candidates after they moved to Denmark. It is important for them that the candidates feel well and safe in their new home country.
Overall, Medicolink is a very reliable, experienced, professional company, I strongly recommend them.”

Timea Ballok