When it comes to Denmark, usually there are two main characteristics you can hear about: happiness and work-life balance. These aspects are somehow of course go hand- in- hand with each other, but have you ever wondered how people in Denmark can manage so well to bring this balance to their life?

One of the key elements is the amount of time they spend at work. Denmark is the second among OECD countries with the least amount of average annual working hours according to OECD ranking. The average workweek in Denmark is 37 hours which enables Danes to spend more time with their families and with leisure activities. This healthy balance helps employees to keep their productivity, to stay focused and also reduces stress level.

Another important factor of achieving a high degree of work-life balance is flexible working conditions. In Denmark, employers provide flexible circumstances to their workers both regarding to working hours and regarding to the place of completion of tasks. Probably at first sight one would think that giving so much freedom to employees will lead to less efficiency, but in reality, the opposite happens. Due to balanced time schedule and the level of trust that employees get, they will be more motivated to complete their duties better and faster, therefore the level of efficiency also increases.

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