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What is flexicurity?

In several researches Danes gained remarkably high rankings regarding working condition satisfaction and life satisfaction compared to other European countries. They even have their own word for happiness at work. The Danish labour market…
Quality of life in Denmark

Quality of life in Denmark

As our everyday lives become more hectic and busy than ever before, living in a healthy and fulfilling way has never been more essential. And as we often talk about how to improve our quality of life, the Scandinavian way of living appears frequently…

Combine European and Scandinavian lifestyles and values in Denmark

Though Denmark is part of the European mainland, it is also a part of the Scandinavian countries – this special geographical position therefore makes living in Denmark a combination of both European and Scandinavian lifestyles, which is usually…
Medical language course at Budapest

Leaving for Denmark? Leave for Budapest, too!

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If you consider moving to Denmark at the moment, a Scandinavian country located far north in Europe, the thought of living in Budapest, the capital of an Eastern country probably never crosses your mind. Yet this is exactly what Medicolink offers…
Scandinavian flags