By Dr. Zoltán Kovács, Psychiatrist

I was not searching for opportunities to travel and work abroad, but Tue Sand Larsen, partner at Medicolink, told me about the possibilities of working in Denmark. We had a chat about the procedure, and it was his positive attitude and honest, straightforward manner that convinced me and actually motivated me to take part in the programme. He visualized a complex procedure from the beginning of the language training to my first completed year at my future workplace.

As far as my career was concerned, it was important for me not to start from a lower level position than the one I had already gained in Hungary. This wish was granted as a given. Furthermore, the Danish hospital also offered opportunities for conducting research which made me very excited. When I visited the hospital in Denmark, I saw that their research centre was functioning well. This meant that I would not have to start from scratch, but could simply become part of an ongoing project. They will let me work using my own initiative, but at the same time lend me a helping hand initially if I do not feel completely comfortable working alone. They actually had a career plan for me for the forthcoming 1.5 years. This was very satisfactory for me because it displayed a combination of trust and patience.

Medicolink provides me with learning opportunities, as their programme covers language, culture and other important things. I found the offer financially attractive too. I can now definitely provide a good standard of living for my family without having to work extra. Perhaps more importantly, the fact that my wife and daughter also take part in a Danish course at the weekends gives us a feeling of security – not only as far as language is concerned, but also generally in the sense that we are being prepared for our stay in Denmark and we are given a clear idea about what we can expect.