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We believe that everybody should be treated equally and fairly

Medicolink are constantly trying to live up to our reputation as a company with strong moral values. In conducting our daily business, we follow ethical guidelines to protect our customers, candidates, and all other involved parties from exploitation and discrimination.

Medicolink work in compliance with the foremost set of ethical standards in the industry. We strive to continuously improve ourselves and the services we provide, and we pledge to set the highest possible standards for our line of work.

We value your opinion and are always interested in hearing feedback from our partners and candidates regarding your experiences with our company and impression of our ethical ambitions.

As a member of HOSPEEM (European Hospital and Healthcare Employer’s Association), Danish Regions stay committed to a set of ethical guidelines for international recruitment of healthcare personnel.

Medicolink offer recruitment activities to Danish hospitals in full accordance with the standards of World Health Organization (WHO) and World Medical Association (WMA) as well as the HOSPEEM guidelines mentioned above.

Hence, having Medicolink as a provider of international recruitment services will be Danish Regions’ guarantee to live up to the ethical obligations they have taken upon themselves within international recruitment.

For example, Medicolink…

  • Do not recruit candidates from countries included on the WHO list of developing and transitional countries who are experiencing a critical shortage of health workers.
  • Submit an annual activity report to the relevant authorities. This information is used to estimate the number of healthcare professionals in the respective countries.
  • Ensure that all available positions are posted on open platforms and are open to all potential applicants.
  • Guarantee that all recruitments and signings are legally valid and on reasonable terms.
  • Only recruit for positions that have clearly formulated and binding terms for both employee and employer.
  • Inform the candidate in detail about the offered terms and conditions: Working hours, tasks, expected income, duties and duty remuneration, termination terms etc.
  • Make sure that workers and employers are protected from false information, misleading claims and exploitation though transparent and legally binding contracts presented in due time prior to commitment and in correspondence with relevant national and international law.
  • Inform candidates in writing about expectations and requirements prior to employment.
  • Comply with the laws and professional guidelines in relation to the psychological screening of candidates.
  • Ensure that candidates are not burdened with personal expenses directly associated with the recruitment and preparatory processes provided by the company.
  • Make sure that any accompanying family members are fully informed and included in the decision to finding work and moving abroad.
  • Pay attention to the needs and concerns of the candidate’s accompanying family during the preparatory process and after their arrival in Denmark.
  • Do not make promises in the recruitment process that are not respected later on.
  • Make sure that the recruitment process is transparent and provides all parties with realistic expectations about the future.
  • Inform all candidates about trade unions and rights at work.
  • Provide the employer with any information that might have an influence on working capability/suitability etc., while at the same time taking the candidate’s privacy into account.
  • Do not re-recruit previously recruited candidates.
  • Support the individual’s inalienable right to pursue a life and a career anywhere in the world.
  • Do not discriminate candidates for positions at Danish hospitals based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religious or political beliefs.
  • Are engaged in a professional partnership with Doctors Without Borders and support their work among the world’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of people.

We encourage our customers, competitors, and stakeholders to participate in the ongoing dialogue about ethics in our field. Medicolink take on social responsibility and are consistently trying to influence the recruitment industry to be in line with the above standards.