What is flexicurity?


In several researches Danes gained remarkably high rankings regarding working condition satisfaction and life satisfaction compared to other European countries. They even have their own word for happiness at work.

The Danish labour market is known for it’s unique model that gives exceptional big freedom both for employees and employers. The flexicurity system provides high level of flexibility when hiring, a social welfare system and active employment policies. The model combines market economy with the traditional Scandinavian welfare state. It’s benefits for example changing workplace has no effect on pension entitlements or earned holiday time.

However the Danish labour market is minimally regulated, in exceptional cases and there are minimum requirements set by law in the Danish Holiday Act, Danish Employer Contract Act, Danish Act on Equal Treatment, Danish Act on Allowance for Illnesses or Parental leave etc.

Another key feature of the smoothly functioning system is the effective cooperation between employees’ trade unions and employer confederations. The agreements between them are ensuring the safe work places and better working conditions.


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