Everything you wished to know about Hjørring


Being one of the oldest market towns of Denmark, Hjørring just celebrated its 750th birthday not long ago, and continues to attract people with its rich culture and entertainment life.

Besides having a modern and large, always growing hospital called the Vensyssel hospital, the city engulfs its residents with museums, theatres, different types of festivals and celebrations. Whether you are a sports fanatic or an art lover, Hjørring offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. Considering that a working week as a doctor consist of only 37 hours in Denmark, you and your family would have plenty of time to discover and enjoy what the city has to provide. For instance, the most famous sports event is the Dana Cup, a football tournament with 17,000 footballers from all around the world in late July. Biking and mountain biking is also very popular, as the area of Hjørring has a breath-taking scenery. This also invites hikers and extreme sport lovers to explore Northern Denmark. However, if you are more of a foodie, the town has an excellent food scene with little coffee shops and diners in the main street called Østergade. The street was closed down for vehicle traffic, so it is possible to enjoy a delicious lunch without the noise of heavy traffic, in a delightful city centre. Hjørring also has a shopping centre called Metropol, which was nominated as the best shopping centre in Denmark in 2013.

Regarding education and art, Hjørring puts emphasis on museums and innovative schools for children. The historical museum called Vendsyssel Historiske Museum is particularly noteworthy, as well as the University College of Northern Denmark, which offers higher education for international students from all around the world. Besides the university, Hjørring has great opportunities for children: a gymnasium (the Danish equivalent of high school), nursing school, business and technical college. Therefore, the town provides a wide range of specialities to choose from when it comes to choosing a profession for your children.

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