guide about how to get a job in Denmark

As a doctor how to spend more time with your family?

You are tired of working too much and not seeing your family. We talked to a lot of specialist EU doctors in recent years, and we can safely say that we have found all of them to be very hard-working, dedicated, ambitious, and driven. However,…

What is flexicurity?

In several researches Danes gained remarkably high rankings regarding working condition satisfaction and life satisfaction compared to other European countries. They even have their own word for happiness at work. The Danish labour market…,_Hj%C3%B8rring_2004_3_ubt.jpg

Everything you wished to know about Hjørring

Being one of the oldest market towns of Denmark, Hjørring just celebrated its 750th birthday not long ago, and continues to attract people with its rich culture and entertainment life. Besides having a modern and large, always growing hospital…
Job prospect for spouses in Denmark

Job prospects for spouses in Denmark

Are you hesitating about moving abroad with your spouse who is about accepting a job offer as a doctor in Denmark? That's definitely a crucial dilemma for every couple, since the overall wellbeing of the family in the new destination country…

Combine European and Scandinavian lifestyles and values in Denmark

Though Denmark is part of the European mainland, it is also a part of the Scandinavian countries – this special geographical position therefore makes living in Denmark a combination of both European and Scandinavian lifestyles, which is usually…

Leaving for Denmark? Leave for Budapest, too!

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If you consider moving to Denmark at the moment, a Scandinavian country located far north in Europe, the thought of living in Budapest, the capital of an Eastern country probably never crosses your mind. Yet this is exactly what Medicolink offers…