What is flexicurity?

In several researches Danes gained remarkably high rankings regarding working condition satisfaction and life satisfaction compared to other European countries. They even have their own word for happiness at work. The Danish labour market…

Working hours in Denmark

When it comes to Denmark, usually there are two main characteristics you can hear about: happiness and work-life balance. These aspects are somehow of course go hand- in- hand with each other, but have you ever wondered how people in Denmark…

Everything you wished to know about Hjørring

Being one of the oldest market towns of Denmark, Hjørring just celebrated its 750th birthday not long ago, and continues to attract people with its rich culture and entertainment life. Besides having a modern and large, always growing hospital…

How long should your working week be?

Employees in Denmark has some of the shortest working hours in the world, with an average of 37 hours per week. An average that also applies to medical professionals. Nevertheless, getting an even shorter working week, is one of the core issues…
Quality of life in Denmark

Quality of life in Denmark

As our everyday lives become more hectic and busy than ever before, living in a healthy and fulfilling way has never been more essential. And as we often talk about how to improve our quality of life, the Scandinavian way of living appears frequently…
Medical language course at Budapest

Leaving for Denmark? Leave for Budapest, too!

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If you consider moving to Denmark at the moment, a Scandinavian country located far north in Europe, the thought of living in Budapest, the capital of an Eastern country probably never crosses your mind. Yet this is exactly what Medicolink offers…
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