Leaving for Denmark? Leave for Budapest, too!

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Medical language course at Budapest

If you consider moving to Denmark at the moment, a Scandinavian country located far north in Europe, the thought of living in Budapest, the capital of an Eastern country probably never crosses your mind. Yet this is exactly what Medicolink offers in its programme, as the five-month-long preparational Danish language course takes place in the heart of Europe. And while you might assume that the two countries, Hungary and Denmark could not be any different, there are some convincing reasons to embark on the journey to Budapest before arriving in Denmark.

Regarding its style, Budapest is often called „the Paris of the East”, because architecturally there are many similarities, with a little touch of Moorishness by the Ottoman Empire. Hobby photographers can find many treasures while roaming the city, looking for exciting buildings and sights to capture. This is because Paris and Budapest were built roughly at the same time, therefore their structure and building design is noticeably alike. However, their prices are not. Budapest offers many possibilities that can be found in Paris as well, but the prices are significantly lower in the capital of Hungary.  This means, that during your five-month stay, you and your family can experience what Budapest has to offer without the concern of spending too much.

Medical language program at Budapest

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Moreover, Medicolink is also here to help you. Our staff resides in the same building where the language course takes place. Therefore, you are able to connect not only with your language teachers during your stay, but also with our recruiters and secretary team, who will try to make your experience easier and more memorable. Besides welcoming you at the airport, renting an apartment, helping with necessities, our staff regularly organizes Friday beers, sightseeing in Budapest and provides access to a library, where you can find Danish movies, books and games for children. It is common that doctors in the same language course bond in social gatherings completely organized by themselves.

But that does not mean that you cannot explore Budapest with your family separately. We encourage our doctors to experience the rich food culture for example, as Budapest has a wide variety of restaurants and street food places, where you can not only try the Hungarian cuisine, but nearly every other countries’ specialties. Brunch cafés and restaurants can be found in every corner of the city. However, if you are not only a foodie, but someone who likes to relax a lot, Budapest is uniquely famous about its baths, which can be relaxing for you, but also entertaining for your children. Likewise, if you would like to swap your Friday night movie at home to a cinema, there are more than enough places which you can visit. Moreover, there is always an art or film festival taking place in the city, which offers interesting programmes and ways to connect with different cultures. Not to mention Budapest’s ruin pub landscape, with handcrafted beer pubs and concerts in enchanting bars. And if you had enough of city center’s bustle, just pack some lunch and explore one of the hills located in Buda, or travel to a little village near Budapest by boat on the Danube.

Nevertheless, your choice of free time activity, staying and exploring in Budapest is an opportunity that can only add to your journey to Denmark. Based on feedback from our previous candidates, we believe that you will not regret living here for a while, and will leave for Denmark with more experience and great memories.

If you want to find out more about our medical positions and offers, don’t hesitate and contact us!

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