5 reasons for living in Denmark

1. Work-life balance

Work-life-balance in Denmark compared to other countries

Better life index, based on a research by OECD

Check out this nicely designed chart.

See which country is on the top of the list? According to the recent OECD index, Denmark is listed as first in terms of work-life balance. You can also play with the interactive graph, by checking which figures count in achieving these results.

2. Welfare

Scandinavian welfare model

Scandinavian flags – Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark

The Scandinavian model is well-known for its welfare benefits provided by the state. The system includes:

  • Health insurance, free access to most of the healthcare services
  • Child allowance until the age of 18
  • Maternity benefit
  • Holiday pay, for 30 working days per year
  • Paid sick leave
  • Unemployment insurance – being a member of the union, you can get up to the 90% of your salary for 2 years after employment (though the total amount cannot exceed 19.476 DKK per month)
  • Free education, university scholarship.

3. Social and financial stability, security

security, flexibility and trust in Denmark

Flexicurity – the term describing the Danish labour market

We have some good and bad news for you. The bad is, that you have to pay relatively high taxes in Denmark. But the good is, that you get a really impressive social network for it, plus you can trust the system that you get back what you paid the tax for in several forms of benefits.

The Danish labour market is marked with the term „flexicurity” – enabling flexibility for employers, and security for employees. The model manages successfully to cope with the challenges of globalisation and provides a steady economic growth and employment.

Thanks to the feeling of security, there is a general trust among the Danes, not only towards the system, but towards other people too – according to a survey, 70% of the Danes claim that „most people can be trusted” (do you think so?). This attitude also explains phenomena such as why you can see so many infants sleeping in prams outside restaurants, while their parents are having lunch inside.

4. Nature

Denmark - sea, nature, climate

Nature of Denmark

If you are into skiing, you won’t find much fun inside Denmark, its highest point being at 170 metres above sea level. But most candidates prefer to choose it above other Scandinavian countries due to its temperate, continental weather, friendly green surfaces, relaxed landscapes – plus, you cannot get farther than 50 kilometres away from the sea. Its relatively warm weather is also thanks to the proximity of the Gulf Stream, which brings warm currents to the mainland as well.

5. Family

Child-friendly facilities, families in Denmark

Family-centered values in Denmark

Denmark is paradise for kids, with its family- and child-friendly facilities everywhere. On the other hand, you don’t have to meet with any judgemental looks if you are a woman above 40 and don’t have any kids, nor if you are divorced, if you are homosexual, and so on, because all of these private decisions are respected and regarded as equally right.

You can also read a Guardian article about bringing up kids in Denmark, from a foreigner’s perspective.


And why should you choose Medicolink? We also have 5 reasons for that:

1. Competence and experience

Work in Denmark as a doctor

Carieer in Denmark, with the leading Danish company in the medical field

We are the only healthcare recruitment company specialized in the Danish market. About half of our employees are Danish, so you can trust that you receive first-hand information about all aspects of your Danish career. Operating since 2007, we have carried out by far the most recruitments to Denmark in the sector.

2. Trustworthiness, authenticity

trustworthiness and authenticity in healthcare recruitment

Medicolink’s working ethics

We don’t want to sell, but to provide service, with as much transparency and information providing as possible – and we mean it. Our ethical code doesn’t only meet, but even exceeds the standards of WHO’s and WMA’s relevant ethical codes for international recruitment.

3. Language teaching on the best quality

Danish culture and language teaching for specialist doctors and dentists

Danish language and culture teaching at Medicolink’s office in Budapest

According to the feedback from the recruited candidates and cooperating Danish hospitals, our level of Danish language teaching is the most effective, which prepares everyone on a high standard to work in Denmark. We provide a minimum of 740 hours of teaching to each of our candidates, including general, medical and specialist professional language, cultural preparation and workshops of several topics.

4. Family program

Assistance for candidate's family members - language teaching, job search, school leisure etc.

Family integration program and social events at Medicolink

We put special emphasis on our candidates’ family situations and needs. We take every individual’s requests with an empathic and family-centric attitude, and tailor our preparation and integration program for everyone’s individual needs. The family program also includes language teaching for spouses and children above 12 years, and a wide range of assistance in finding a suitable school, workplace, leisure activities or whatever’s needed, either in Budapest or in Denmark.

5. Good reputation and network in Denmark

Professional working relationships in the healthcare sector in Denmark

Extended network of Danish hospitals and healthcare staff

We have a wide network and well-functioning cooperations in almost every region in Denmark, being the most trustworthy and authentic company in the eyes of the hospital managements. We have built up this reputation mostly due to our correctness, conscientiously presented candidate materials, professionalism and the standards of our language preparation.



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The building of the Danish parliament